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Supporting the interests of members for over 30 years

IMPAC is proud to announce that they have been supporting the interests of members for over 30 years. The organisation was formed in 1991 during a very difficult time for Imperial pensioners. However, since then the pension industry has seen a very positive evolution with significant improvements being made to both the regulation and governance of pension schemes within the UK. In addition, our members are part of Imperial Tobacco Pension Fund which is now one of the best managed and administered pension schemes in this country. However, we seem to regularly hear about problems with other pension funds in the media and therefore:

IMPAC strongly believes that all pensioners should keep an active interest in the management of their pension fund on a regular basis.

IMPAC does this collectively on behalf of our members.

How do we do this?

  • IMPAC has a dedicated Management team with many years of experience.
  • We have over 2,000 active members.
  • IMPAC has retained Actuarial and Legal consultants who advise on matters that may affect members’ pension interests.
  • IMPAC enjoys a very effective working relationship with the Pension Fund management.
  • IMPAC represents the interests and expresses opinions on behalf of all pensioners at meetings with Trustee Board members, Pension Fund management and presentations made by the Scheme Actuary.
  • IMPAC has recently undertaken a significant investment project to upgrade its communications to members with a new website, newsletter and membership administration.

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